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Does the term Keto, Ketogenic, or Keto zone mean anything to you?  Perhaps you have wondered why people eat this way, and wondered  will it offer me any benefits, or help me reach my goals.   We have found ways to incorporate this eating program seamlessly into every day life and even for special occasions, and have seen transformations in chronic issues.  Here are some of the other eating tools some people use and like to brainstorm about.   

Treadmills and other machinesWeights
  • Grain Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Sugar Free
These are just some of the food changes  that people eleminate for foods sensitivities.  With food sensitivities often there is inflammation.  Where there is inflammation there is dis-ease in the body.  Removing those foods  could make a difference.  Let's get together and brain storm what your goals are and where we can help in the coaching process to help you achieve your version of success.  

We are seeing in America a rise in diabetes and sugar handling issues. Mark Hyman MD and Robert  Lustig MD  both like to discuss this phenomenon.  I highly recommend their material for reading. 

 A coaching session could offer  tools to help identify issues such as sugar handling challenges and learn about other choices for foods.  It's not just about information, its about making connections and becoming empowered to participate in driving your health.

Discover how movement, sleep, relationships, thyroid, lifestyle, environment, toxins, diet, habits, genetics all play a role in blood sugar and diabetes.  

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