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Gluten Free cookie recipe.  I like this recipe because not only is it easy, gluten free, but very low in starch.  By using Almond meal instead of flour the carbohydrate content is lessened, therefore leading to less insulin response and less blood sugar imbalances.  

Ideas for Gluten Free snacks.  These suggestions are almost exactly like the ones I suggest to my nutrition clients.  Keeping healthy snacks with you, gives you the stamina to get through your day, and helps you by pass the fast food joints.  This is in my blog.  

Cold and Flu helpful tips
, as well as my favorite supplements and herbs for supporting you during the cold and flu season here.  

Personal care products that are gluten free.  The Gluten-Free mall has compiled a list of gluten free health care products such as lotion, soaps, shampoos and more.  It is amazing where gluten lurks.  Searching out hidden gluten from our food, personal care products, and pet food is a necessary chore.  

When looking at personal care products  I check labels for the same things I am looking for in my food, and if unsure I have had great success calling the companies.  I look for the big ones: wheat, spelt, emmer, faro, triticale, rye, barley, kamut.  Ingredients change, and therefore we must be diligent to check ingredient listings, and call the manufacturer for specifics.  I did find a list of gluten ingredients likely to be in some personal care products here.

Looking for the long list of gluten containing foods?  I did find a
long list of gluten free ingredients worth checking out.

Other helpful resources:  you may be interested in a list of gluten free alcohol, or a support group, or even a Journal for Gluten Sensitivity.  you can see all of those links here, from my blog page.

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