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About Us

Create Wellness, llc  was founded  by Leslie Hinton, an experienced therapist  with a vision of creating a therapy practice designed with a well rounded approach.  

Leslie Hinton
Leslie has been a massage therapist for over seventeen years. She graduated the Asten School of Massage. License is granted by the State of Texas.  Leslie  has continued her education by studying Naturopathy with Therapy Alternatives, and was awarded her National Certification for Naturopathic Practitioner  by the American Naturopathic Certification Board.

She has further studied, Cranial Sacral therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Neurotransmitter analysis and Adrenal Stress,  Hair analysis,  food allergies,  Visceral Massage and Structural Balancing, and Posturology 101 with Neurosomatic educators llc., just to mention a few.

Leslie is honored to work with a variety of cases, and continues to look for the most natural and non invasive means to promote healing.  She feels the most fulfilled when clients begin to take charge of their own healing process.

Leslie comes from a family dedicated to helping people through the healing arts.  Her grandmother, and grandfather were both doctors that specialized in hands on therapy.  Her grandmother was a renowned Osteopath who specialized in Cranial Sacral Therapy, and her grandfather a chiropractor with a passion for the healing power of nature.  Her grandmother on her mothers side, was gifted and tireless in her work of constructing custom corsets for crippled children, therefore allowing the children a measure of independence.  Her father Dr. Robert Slocum is an Osteopath who practiced in the Dallas area, and whom she hopes to emulate.  

After struggling herself with chronic low back pain, and food allergies she was motivated and inspired to learn how to not only help herself but also to use the skills learned to try to help others. Leslie feels that her ability to empathize with ones in discomfort makes for a more compassionate therapist.  

Leslie enjoys the outdoors, as well as volunteer activities.  Striving for a balanced life by enjoying de-stressing activities, balanced with hard work is well worth the effort it takes.  Granted  it is never easy to be balanced.   It is inspiring to me, to see a busy person who makes time to take proper care of themselves, they seem to radiate.  It is truly beautiful.  My clients continue to inspire me.

Pilates has been one of my favorite was to keep my core strong, and my body flexible to withstand the vigors of daily life

Osteopathy is a wholistic approach to health, with specialised training in gentle maniuplation of the spine.  Osteopaths are fully lisenced Medical Doctors with special training in the manipulation of the joints. 
             Adding a skilled Osteopath to your health care team is a well rounded approach to wellness.  There are a few
skilled Osteopathic physicians in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex.  

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